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Rub on Relief – Product Guide

Rub on Relief in the 3 oz tube.

Rub on Relief in the 3 oz tube.

Rub on Relief – Pain Relief Cream

Rub on Relief works on over ninety different causes of pain originating in all parts of the body, from sciatica and scoliosis in the back, to shin splints and patellar tendonitis in the legs, to sprained ankles and heel spurs in the feet. In addition, it also offers pain relief caused by general body states such as TMJ, body tension, morning stiffness, and scar tissue.

Healthy Back Institute Seal of Approval

Rub on Relief is Offered By the Healthy Back Institute

The Healthy Back Institute, a better business bureau online company, offers a solution for those suffering from various causes of pain. Rub on Relief, with MSM and Cetyl Myristoleate, is a pain relief cream made of 100% safe pain fighters. Designed to offer immediate relief, Rub on Relief contains special ingredients that allow it to quickly absorb into the skin. A University of Connecticut study found that 100% of it’s participants experienced almost immediate relief from pain caused by a wide variety of causes.


Rub on Relief in the 3 oz tube.

Rub on Relief is Not Available in Stores

Not available in stores, Rub on Relief cream rub is available through the Healthy Back Institute’s website, and ships worldwide. There are many testimonials on their website from satisfied customers, although the Institute  does offer a 100% money back guarantee. Also available on the website are answers to frequently asked questions about Rub on Relief, as well as health warnings for those who should not use it, such as pregnant women.

 Dr. Robert Thompson Talks About Rub on Relief

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RORDrugFacts-178x300Rub on Relief contains the following ingredients:

  • Contains Cetyl Myristoleate (CMO) – 100% of participants in a recent University of Connecticut study reported relief from their pain while using CMO.
  • Also contains Arnica, which studies have shown to match the pain relief power of prescription NSAIDS
  • MSN is also added.  The Journal of Ant-Aging Medicine reported that in a recent study, MSN resulted in an 80% reduction in pain
  • And Menthol, a fast acting natural pain reliever that increases blood circulation in areas it’s applied

We’ve found no other pain relief cream that delivers such a formula. Most others contain one or two of these ingredients at best.

Rub on Relief – More Ingredients

Menthol, Rus tox, Belladonna, Magnesium Sulf, Phos, Ignatia, Lechesis Mutus, Naja, Purified Water, MSM, Cetyl Myristoleate, Vitamin E, Safflower Seed Oil, Deodorized Garlic oil, Phospholipids, Cetyl Esters, Emulsifying Wax, Glycerin, Stearate SE, Glucose and Glucose Oxidase, Caprylic/Capric Trigliceride, Polysorbate 60 and Lactoseperoxidase.



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