Pain Relief Cream

Pain Relief Cream, What is it?

Pain relief cream, what's in it?Pain relief cream is a cream for rubbing on your skin (which makes it Topical) that has ingredients add to help relieve pain. That’s simple enough, right?

There are many different brands that we look at such as Rub on Relief, BioFreeze, Myoflex, and Super Blue for example. There are many more and we intend to try as many as possible and report back the results as well as researching the companies that make them.

What makes pain relief creams different is the way that the ingredients act and how they target pain. Some brands use a very few ingredients that are meant to target a very specific type or cause of pain. Others, use many ingredients each working to block or treat a variety of causes so that they have the best chance of success.

For example, Inflammation (swelling) is a side effect of many types of injuries and so there are creams with ingredients that try to reduce inflammation and so ease the pain it produces.

Comparing Pain Relief Creams

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* taken from customer reviews on retail websites such as Amazon or Walmart.